How To Shop For The Perfect Wedding Dress

Are you getting married soon? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of picking out your wedding dress? When flipping through catalogs for the perfect gown, it can seem impersonal and feel like you'll never find exactly what you want. But once you go to a bridal shop and start trying on dresses, you'll find one that just "clicks" for you. Here are some tips to make the store process go more smoothly:

Dress appropriately: When planning what to wear to your appointment, make sure that your clothes are easy to remove and put back on. For example, a button-down shirt may be faster to remove than a t-shirt that goes over your head. Make sure you wear the same type of undergarments that you'll wear on your wedding day. If you're planning on using a girdle under your gown, bring it along so you can wear it while you try on dresses. Also, if you're selecting a veil, try to wear a hairstyle similar to what you'll have on your big day. If you haven't chosen your shoe's heel height, bring along one or two different styles so you can see how each type looks with your gown. Some gowns may have a length that works perfectly with the comfortable flats you wear while trying things on, only to look too short if you ultimately decide on tall high heels.

Make a list of pre-appointment questions: Each bridal store has different policies, so find out their rules and use them to help you choose where to shop. Some stores allow returns before the final fitting, while others have an "all sales final" policy. Ask if they'll allow a friend to photograph you as you try on each dress. Also, make sure that you find out what is included in their prices. Some bridal stores will charge extra for any alterations, while others only charge if you need more than one alteration. Find out if they have a limit on how many people each bride can bring with her. Some bridal stores will allow you to bring all your bridesmaids, while others will only allow you to bring along one companion.  

Have separate appointments: If you're planning on picking out bridesmaids gowns or a "mother of the bride" dress in addition to your wedding gown, schedule each one separately. This will allow you to focus solely on each dress in question instead of having to worry about making decisions about several dresses at once. In addition, once you've selected your special dress, it will be easier for you to help choose dresses for your mother or bridesmaids. 

For more information, contact several different dress stores in your area, such as Bridal Elegance.