Making The Decision To Place A Baby For Adoption

If you have recently found out you are pregnant, and you are not in the position at the time to be able to care for a child, you may have considered looking into the adoption procedure. Knowing what to expect throughout the process can help you decide if this is the right decision for you. Here are some guidelines to follow when placing your baby for adoption, ensuring both you and the baby get the best of care as a result.

Take Your Time

You do not need to make a decision regarding who will care for the baby the second you get a positive pregnancy test. Take your time in exploring your feelings for a while before making a decision as to how you wish to proceed. You may want to speak with the baby's father, a doctor, or a counselor before making a commitment to have the baby or to give it up for adoption. Be gentle on yourself and weigh all options before making an informed choice.

See A Doctor

Do not skimp on medical care while pregnant. If you are unable to afford a doctor's visit, go to a local pregnancy center to ask for help in obtaining an appointment with an obstetrician. It is important for both your baby and yourself to be monitored throughout your pregnancy to alleviate any potential problems. Eat healthily, give up any smoking or alcohol use, take vitamins, and do light exercise.

Visit A Few Agencies

If you are on the fence about adoption, go to a few agencies to ask questions about the procedure. An adoption agency will be able to give you a complete scenario in how the process works from the time you give birth until the adoptive parents take the baby as their own child. Speak with more than one agency and select one you feel completely comfortable with before going any further. If you feel unsure about an agency, move on to another. 

Prepare The Process

After you find the perfect agency, set limits in how you would like to proceed. You should be able to decide if you want the adoptive parents at the hospital during the birth or if you would rather wait until afterwards. You will be able to meet with prospective adoptive parents and select the ones you feel would make good parents for your baby. You also have the right to keep in your child's life after the birth. If you wish to have updates on their growth or perhaps even visitation, you will be able to specify this in your adoption paperwork. 

Talk With Someone

It is best to talk about your options with an impartial party before you commit to adoption. Make an appointment with a counselor to talk about your feelings on the matter. They will help you determine if you are truly prepared to place your baby for adoption. You will benefit from having a support system during the process.

For more information, contact a licensed adoption agency such as A Child's Dream.