Counseling For Victims Of Verbal Abuse: Changing Your Thought Patterns

Individuals who have been verbally abused over a long period may feel worthless, and counseling can be quite effective in changing these thought patterns. After years of being told that your opinions and thoughts have no value, it may be hard to see the reality – that you are no different from every other human being. You have thoughts and opinions that are yours alone. Occasionally, they may be wrong, but most often they are right on target – particularly since they express your unique feelings and no one else can truly know your perspective. [Read More]

Adopting Without Breaking The Bank: 3 Financial Resources

Adding a child to your family can be a wonderful and exciting adventure. If you are thinking about adopting a child in need of a forever family, then you likely know the costs that can be associated with the adoption process. The cost of adopting a child in the United States can range anywhere from $8,000 to $40,000. These costs can deter some couples from completing an adoption, but there are resources available to help offset the financial burdens associated with adoption. [Read More]

Making The Decision To Place A Baby For Adoption

If you have recently found out you are pregnant, and you are not in the position at the time to be able to care for a child, you may have considered looking into the adoption procedure. Knowing what to expect throughout the process can help you decide if this is the right decision for you. Here are some guidelines to follow when placing your baby for adoption, ensuring both you and the baby get the best of care as a result. [Read More]

How To Shop For The Perfect Wedding Dress

Are you getting married soon? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of picking out your wedding dress? When flipping through catalogs for the perfect gown, it can seem impersonal and feel like you'll never find exactly what you want. But once you go to a bridal shop and start trying on dresses, you'll find one that just "clicks" for you. Here are some tips to make the store process go more smoothly: [Read More]